A Lovely Tree by: Water

When I first saw you, you’re so little and small

After a few months more, you’re so proud standing tall.

You make our mountain green and hold our land not to fall.

Protect our natural resources and provide shelter for all.


You’re a big help to us in many different ways.

You even provide our food for every single day.

You make our water clear in your refreshing way.

Continuing our life like the way you stay.


Despite of all the good things we got,

Taking care of you, we almost forgot.

We even abuse you and let your foundation rot.

In the end we realize, we also tear our heart.


Now it’s our turn to do the favor in return.

Make our little ways to make you spread and bloom.

Grow seeds in land and field and let a new you born.

For us to see a Lovely Tree, every single morn.


Comments naman dyan para sa poem ng kuya ko. I love you kuya, huwag ka magagalit ha kung hindi ko ito ipinaalam. ^_^ Sayang kasi kung nakasave lang sa computer mo. Ang ganda pa naman! (Yeebah! may shawarma na ako mamaya)


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